Telecom Test Equipment - Fluke Networks Test Sets

Detailed listing of our Telephone Test Sets (Butt Sets) from Fluke Networks.

Fluke Networks TS52 PRO Telephone Test Set
  • Price: $781.00
    SKU: 43220
    Weight: 4 lbs.
    Brand: Fluke Networks
  • $781.00 qty:

Fluke Networks best butt set! The TS®52 PRO Test Set features backlit LCD and glow-in-the-dark keypad with DTMF digit grabbing and Caller-ID verification.

At a Glance

  • Display – Back lit LCD and glow-in-the-the dark keypad
  • DataSafe Pro – Superior high-impedance monitoring, lockout and override, making you completely safe in any mode
  • DropSafe – Passes 20 foot drop test
  • DSL/POTS Filtering Technology – allows technicians to clip on a live DSL line to test POTS service without downing or disrupting data service
  • RainSafe – Designed for use in rain conditions.
  • 2-Way speakerphone – for true hands-free operation
  • Test Functions
    • Data indication – warns when data is present.
    • Voltage indication – troubleshooting feature to identify potential line problems
    • Current (mA) indication – verifies sufficient line current
    • Caller-ID – verifies service is functional
    • DTMF Digit Grabbing – Isolate faulty customer premise equipment

Fluke Networks' new TS-52® PRO Caller ID test set features the latest in test set technology. Designed with a superior LCD user interface, it allows you to see what cannot be heard in any outside plant environment. The back lit LCD and phosphorescent (glow-in-the-dark) keypad brings light to even the darkest of work environments, providing perfect line diagnostic clarity. Equipped with 2-Way Speakerphone and DataSafe™ Pro data protection technology featuring superior high-impedance monitoring, Data Lockout and Lockout Override. Patent-pending filtering technology allows a technician to safely draw dial tone on a live DSL/POTS shared line to test the POTS service while protecting the DSL from downing or disruption.

This ergonomically designed butt set has DropSafe reliability (20ft drop onto concrete!) and enhanced Waterproof protection, so it's weatherproof for extreme conditions.

The TS52 PRO test set has a heavy-duty cord set with ABN (angled bed-of-nails), piercing pin alligator clips and a convenient RJ-11 plug.

Includes a three-year warranty.

Fluke Networks TS25D Telephone Test Set
  • Price: $433.00
    SKU: 43219
    Weight: 3 lbs.
    Brand: Fluke Networks
  • $433.00 qty:

Fluke Networks easy-to-use TS25D Test Set with LCD Display offers dozens of High-end features in a cost effective butt set.

The newest addition to Fluke Networks family is the TS25D Test Set with Caller ID and call-waiting Caller ID. This test set is so user friendly you will think you are using your cell phone. Equipped with an oversized liquid crystal display (LCD) screen, the intuitive, common sense menus are easy-to-read and use. The unit operates on a 9V battery (included) and allows programmed “timeouts” to further prolong the life of the battery.

Fluke Networks TS22A Telephone Test Set
  • Price: $706.00
    SKU: 43210
    Weight: 3 lbs.
    Brand: Fluke Networks
  • $706.00 qty:

State-of-the-art test set with two-way speakerphone. The TS22A is the industry's first truly hands-free test set with a built-in speakerphone for hands free communication.

This deluxe unit also features DataSafe in monitor mode, nine memory redial, voltage and current protection, PBX pause, audible callbacks, mute switch and has an amplified speaker for hands free monitoring.

Fluke Networks TS19 Telephone Test Set
  • Price: $234.00
    SKU: 43174
    Weight: 3 lbs.
    Brand: Fluke Networks
  • $234.00 qty:

All the basic handset features at a great price.

The TS19 is DataSafe in monitor mode and has continuous polarity indication, 18-digit last number redial, tone and pulse operation, replaceable line cords and belt clip and is hearing aid compatible for use with computerized voice response systems.

Fluke Networks TS30 Telephone Test Set
  • Price: $457.00
    SKU: 43215
    Weight: 2.5 lbs.
    Brand: Fluke Networks
  • $457.00 qty:

Industry standard for affordability, durability and reliability. This test set is made tough for extreme conditions with weatherproofing which surpass RainSafe standards.

The TS30 features a new ergonomic design making it easy to shoulder for hands free use and offers voltage and current protection, a mute switch, audible callback and is DataSafe for data protection in monitor mode.


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