OUR MISSION is to help your organization...

ATTRACT  Top Talent in today's competitive market putting the best DAMN tool kit in your tech's hands.

RETAIN  your Best Tech's in this competitive market, showing them your organization cares about them by supplying a Professional Grade tool kit that gets the job done RIGHT!

And finally... Help your organization INVEST in a more Efficient and Effective Field Service Team by insuring your tech's have everything they need and nothing they don't in their tool kit...  Every Time!!!

Tecra Tools custom tool kits make your company better

1 + 1 + 1 = 1
1 Price  +  1 Part #  +  1 Shipment
= 1 Perfect Tool Kit Solution

Save Time with Easy Ordering

Each custom kit is assigned a single part number. Outfit a new technician with one quick phone call instead of building a new tool kit from scratch.

Better Tool Management

You and your technicians will know exactly what tools are in their kits, making it far easier to maintain complete kits and to assign responsibility.

Easy to Maintain and Manage

All of your kits are outfitted with the same high-quality tools, making it easy to maintain complete and consistent kits throughout your workforce.

Rapid Tool Replacement

You get an easy re-order sheet listing every tool in your custom-made kit, so replacing tools is easier than ever.

Increased Control

Design your tool kit your way with exactly the tools you need. Advanced planning means no money is wasted on unnecessary tools or individual parts.

Boost Productivity

Cut down on hours of paper work by eliminating numerous purchase orders and invoices from multiple vendors.




Get exactly what you need with a custom tool kit from Tecra Tools.

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