How can a Custom Tool Kit from Tecra Tools make your company better?

ATTRACT top talent in today's competitive job market.
--Providing a great tool kit is a competitive advantage for your company when hiring prospective new technicians.

RETAIN your best technicians, with a "You Matter" message.
--Your techs matter! Let them hear it with a top quality tool kit.

INVEST in a more Effcient and Effective Workforce.
--Your team performs better and gets the job done faster with the right tools and gear at the ready!

--Just fill out the basic form below and we'll contact you to get your Custom Tool Kit started today!


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Tool Control Foam
Laser Etched Tool Identification
Logo Label Plate

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Growing companies know that having Tecra Tools as a tool kit partner also makes your life easier!

  • Save Time with Easy Ordering

    Each custom kit is assigned a single part number. Outfit a new technician with one quick phone call instead of building a new tool kit from scratch.

  • Easy to Maintain and Manage

    All of your kits are outfitted with the same high-quality tools, making it easy to maintain complete and consistent kits throughout your workforce.

  • Increased Control

    Design your tool kit your way with exactly the tools you need. Advanced planning means no money is wasted on unnecessary tools or individual parts.

  • Better Tool Management

    You and your technicians will know exactly what tools are in their kits, making it far easier to maintain complete kits and to assign responsibility.

  • Rapid Tool Replacement

    You get an easy re-order sheet listing every tool in your custom-made kit, so replacing tools is easier than ever.

  • Boost Productivity

    Cut down on hours of paper work by eliminating numerous purchase orders and invoices from multiple vendors.


Companies who already use Tecra Tools

at&t Vestas Harris cisco Stryker ge Boing

Here's what they say about Custom Tool Kits from Tecra Tools

"Thank you for allowing us to focus on our customers and partners instead of assembling and shipping tool kits. Your service allowed us to order one part number, while Tecra Tools brought together large numbers of specialized tools in one unit."

Darrel - Cisco

"Prior to using Tecra Tools, we assembled our own tool kits, which was expensive and inconsistent. We now have tool kits that meet our exact needs, which have led to consistent, quality, professional installations."

Christopher - Stryker Communications

"With your attention to detail and follow up I believe we have found a new vendor."

Scarlet - Newmont Mining Corporation

"We have yet to find one resource in the marketplace that compares to Tecra Tools and your impeccable customer service."

Don - PerkinElmer

"Tecra Tools has been a vital partner in providing custom built tool kits. We appreciate the benefits of your simple process, and commitment to quality products."

Christopher - Stryker Communications

"Thank you for helping us streamline and simplify our field tool kit ordering process. We now order only one part number to get a customized tool kit solution that provides exactly the right tools."

Jim - Ortho Clinical Diagnostics, a Johnson & Johnson Company

"Your creative and flexible kitting program allowed us to show favorable financial benefits while giving our techs in the field a "Jaguar" solution to ensure an excellent high quality service to our end customers."

Jim - Ledcor

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