Yes, TECRA TOOLS designs CUSTOM FOAM for Tool Control and FOD prevention! Etched Logo Plates & Tools, too!

Industrial Quality Tool Control Foam & Etching SolutionsCustom Tool Control Foam

Tecra Tools has helped hundreds of companies to achieve their Tool Control Goals, we can help you too!

Instituting a Tool Control solution achieves several key objectives:

  1. Protection of valuable tooling and gauging assets - reducing expensive equipment damage and replacement.
  2. Increased efficiency and productivity - tools are always in the same place, No more lost time hunting for the right tool!
  3. Better Inventory Control - lower costs by eliminating lost and misplaced tooling. NOTE: Especially critical for mobile field service techs where tools are often lost in unfamiliar surroundings.
  4. Prevention of Foreign Object Damage (FOD) - Leaving a tool inside equipment can have disastrous consequences, at the very least it can lead to expensive repairs and liability. Tool Control Foam is a great way to prevent FOD!
  5. Laser Etching (Etched Logo Plates/Tool Etching) - Laser etched logo plates, tool etching available to identify and continue customization of your tool kit(s) and tools. Call for details and pricing.

Let us contact you to design a Custom Foam Tool Control Solution today.


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 What makes our tool control foam better?

  • 100% Routed foam - Our foam is CNC routed. That's better because a perfect fit keeps your tools in place.
  • Pre-laminated foam - Won't separate at the seams. That's better because this is often the first place that the other guy's foam fails.
  • Two-color foam - Instant visual inventory. That's better because knowing at a glance that a tool has been misplaced saves tools and prevents FOD damage.
  • Chemical and liquid resistant - Unrivaled durability. That's better because our foam withstands anything you throw at it.
  • Push-Down Tool Access System - Access tools with a simple "push down" motion. That's better because now you can fit more tools in a given area of foam. It's not all used up with finger access slots.


Get exactly what you need with a custom tool kit from Tecra Tools.

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