Yes, TECRA TOOLS designs CUSTOM FOAM for Tool Control and FOD prevention!

Industrial Quality Tool Control Foam SolutionsCustom Tool Control Foam

Tecra Tools has helped hundreds of companies to achieve their Tool Control Goals, we can help you too!

Instituting a Tool Control solution achieves several key objectives:

  1. Protection of valuable tooling and gauging assets - reducing expensive equipment damage and replacement.
  2. Increased efficiency and productivity - tools are always in the same place, No more lost time hunting for the right tool!
  3. Better Inventory Control - lower costs by eliminating lost and misplaced tooling. NOTE: Especially critical for mobile field service techs where tools are often lost in unfamiliar surroundings.
  4. Prevention of Foreign Object Damage (FOD) - Leaving a tool inside equipment can have disastrous consequences, at the very least it can lead to expensive repairs and liability. Tool Control Foam is a great way to prevent FOD!

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 What makes our tool control foam better?

  • 100% Routed foam - Our foam is CNC routed. That's better because a perfect fit keeps your tools in place.
  • Pre-laminated foam - Won't separate at the seams. That's better because this is often the first place that the other guy's foam fails.
  • Two-color foam - Instant visual inventory. That's better because knowing at a glance that a tool has been misplaced saves tools and prevents FOD damage.
  • Chemical and liquid resistant - Unrivaled durability. That's better because our foam withstands anything you throw at it.
  • Push-Down Tool Access System - Access tools with a simple "push down" motion. That's better because now you can fit more tools in a given area of foam. It's not all used up with finger access slots.


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