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Detailed listing of our coaxial cable tools.

Adjustable Coax Stripper

The best coax stripper we’ve ever found!

This unique "memory" stripping system allows you to strip different diameter cable without readjusting the tool. Optional color coded blade cassettes allow you to customize the tool to perform two or three level strips quickly and easily. The adjustable sliding cam adjusts to strip cable .100 - .315" in diameter. If you strip coaxial cable this is one tool you shouldn't be without. Includes green 3-level blade cassette. (A=.279" B=.201")

Made in Germany.

Preset Coax Strippers

These economical preset strippers save time and money!

These economical, high-performance coaxial strippers perform two and three-level stripping of coaxial cables with minimal adjustment. Strips outer jacket, shield braid and inner dielectric. Adjustable blade depth for different coaxial cable thicknesses.

These time saving, cost effective coax strippers make it easy to have the right preset stripper for the job. If you need to adjust the blades, the included hex key enables rapid setting of the blade cutting depth. The stripping diagram on the top of the stripper lets you quickly select the proper tool for the coaxial cable you're using. Self-regulating tension means that you don't have to hold the jaws down on the cable. Just insert the cable and spin the tool in the direction of the arrow on the side!

Single Drop Trimmer, RG59 & RG6
  • Price: $10.50
    SKU: 38201
    Weight: 0.5 lbs.
  • $10.50 qty:

ONE STEP cable preparation precisely exposes the center conductor and removes the proper length of jacket to SCTE and Bellcore specifications.

  • SMALL ERGONOMIC BODY DESIGN fits into your hand for ease of use and comfort, as well as your tool pouch
  • Tool body constructed of LIGHTWEIGHT, impact resistant "Hi-Visibility Red" polymer
  • No adjustments or extra tools required
  • The Single Drop Trimmer is preset for industry standard .250 (1/4) braid preparation. (Note: Tool is not intended for Plenum Series Cable Construction)
  • Superior quality tool steel blade cassettes will perform 1500+ preparations under normal use
  • Tool supplied with model specified cassette assembled in tool and one spare cassette
  • Unique "Cassette Ejector" provides quick blade cassette removal
  • Made in the U.S.A.
Universal Drop Trimmer, Coax Stripper
  • Price: $53.00
    SKU: 38203
    Weight: 0.5 lbs.
  • $53.00 $34.00 qty:

Don't carry multiple coax strippers - the Cablematic Universal Drop Trimmer does it all!

Prepares ALL RG59, RG6, RG7, and RG11 drop cable constructions as per SCTE and Bellcore specifications. ONE STEP cable preparation exposes the center conductor and removes the jacket.

  • ONE TOOL, with inter-changeable blade cassettes, will perform all the following cable industry standard preparations:
  • 1/4 inch (6.35mm) Braid preparation for Series 59, 6 7, 11 cable
  • 1/8 inch (3.18mm) Braid preparation for Series 59, 6 ,7 11 cable (NOTE: Tool is not intended for Plenum Series Cable Construction)
  • Cassettes available for 1/4 inch (6.35mm) or 1/8 inch (3.18mm) cable preparation:
  • Series 59/6 Standard, Tri and Quad Shield cables.
  • Series 7 Standard, Tri and Quad Shield cables.
  • Series 11 Standard, Tri and Trilogy Quad Shield cables.
  • Series 11Q Belden, CommScope and Times Fiber Quad Shield cables.
  • Blade cassettes color-coded and marked with cable series type and braid preparation dimensions for easy identification.
  • Unique cassette storage compartment holds two extra cassettes.
  • High impact, "Hi-Visibility Red", polymer construction.
  • Compact size - fits in one hand.
  • Series 59, 6 and 7 cassettes are to be used in tool cavity Side (A) only, Series 11 and 11Q in the opposite cavity only.
  • No adjustments or extra tools required.
  • Made in the U.S.A.
Premium 40pc Coax Adapter Set
  • Price: $280.00
    SKU: 37480
    Weight: 2 lbs.
  • $280.00 qty:

Don’t ever be without the coaxial adapter you need. Forty component parts interchangeably screw together to form up to 192 different types of coax adapters.

The secret to this versatile 40pc. Coax Adapter set is the special in-between fittings that allow you to assemble virtually any coaxial adapter in a matter of seconds. Mix and match to suit your needs!

A handy problem solver for those unique situations, this set replaces a drawer full of adapters. Premium quality adapters feature gold plated center pins, Teflon insulators and gold plating overall for low loss conductivity. Adapts N, BNC, TNC, SMA, UHF, mini-UHF, RCA, and F type interconnections. Set comes packaged in a soft zippered storage case. It's the perfect addition to your tool kit.

Coax Flaring & Insertion Tool
  • Price: $14.75
    SKU: 38300
    Weight: 0.5 lbs.
  • $14.75 qty:

This dual purpose tool speeds your work by flaring the braid and then provides a firm grip for insertion of CATV F-Connectors onto Coax Cable.

The Cable Pro Flaring Insertion Tool is designed to spread the cable jacket for easier installation of the "F" connector on to the cable. The insertion side has threads which are machined and buffed and the flaring side has a precision ground flaring edge. The flaring bit has been safely embedded in the handle for Series 6 Cable. This tool is ideal for plenum cable and eases the insertion of Series 6 connectors both on plenum cable and in cold weather.

Paladin Universal Crimping System

The Paladin Universal CrimpALL crimping system can crimp coax, insulated & non-insulated terminals, fiber optic connectors and telecom plugs all using a single multi-purpose crimp frame.

Start with the basic full-cycle ratcheting crimp frame and simply add as many interchangeable die sets as you need. This versatile Paladin system can crimp coax, insulated & non-insulated terminals, fiber optic connectors and telecom plugs with just one crimp frame. Interchangeable hardened steel dies provide long tool life and consistent accurate crimps every time. A built-in safety release allows removal of incorrectly placed connectors.
SealTite Pro Universal Coax Compression Crimper
  • Price: $88.00
    SKU: 39122
    Weight: 2 lbs.
    Brand: Greenlee
  • $88.00 qty:

The SealTite™ Pro Coax Crimp Tool resolves all the problems of competitor's tools. The SealTite™ Pro is the only patented, universally adjustable tool that requires no additional heads, no time consuming set-up, and offers a ratcheting crimp compression cycle to ensure the perfect crimp every time.

The SealTite™ Pro has a reversible universal head capable of accepting all CATV F, BNC, RCA, and right angle Coax compression connectors from every manufacturer in the world. An adjustable locking screw allows the user to set the compression crimp length in a matter of seconds.

No instructions needed to work the tool. Simply back the screw out just enough to hold the connector and adjust inward on the fly as you press the handles multiple times until you get the correct compression length. That's it!

The tool is that simple and fast to use. However, for those who might need instructions, Paladin also provides a complete set-up list for over 200 connectors including LRC (Thomas & Betts) Snap-N-Seal™, Gilbert (Corning) UltraSeal™, CalRad Permaseal™, Stirling SPL, Digicon (all types), F-Conn (all types), ICM Corp., PPC, and more.

The SealTite™ Pro is the fastest, easiest, most cost effective, and reliable compression crimper on the market. 5-year Warranty!

Klein 8" Coax Cable Cutters
  • Price: $50.00
    SKU: 12160
    Weight: 0.8 lbs.
  • $50.00 qty:

One-handed shearing action and curved cable gripping jaws. Easily cuts through up to 3/4" cable with tough carbon steel blades.

Brand: Klein Tools

Legendary Klein quality, this cutter delivers one-handed shearing action and curved cable gripping jaws. Easily cuts through up to 3/4" cable with carbon steel blades.

Center Conductor Cutter
  • Price: $13.25
    SKU: 12191
    Weight: 0.5 lbs.
    Brand: GC Electronics
  • $13.25 qty:

This handy tool neatly and rapidly trims the center coax conductor to the correct 3/16" length for proper installation into a dual crimp coax connector.

Saves time, headache and your diagonal cutters while ensuring perfect cuts every time.

Overall length 5".


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