SealTite Pro Universal Coax Compression Crimper

SealTite Pro Universal Coax Compression Crimper

The SealTite™ Pro Coax Crimp Tool resolves all the problems of competitor's tools. The SealTite™ Pro is the only patented, universally adjustable tool that requires no additional heads, no time consuming set-up, and offers a ratcheting crimp compression cycle to ensure the perfect crimp every time.

The SealTite™ Pro has a reversible universal head capable of accepting all CATV F, BNC, RCA, and right angle Coax compression connectors from every manufacturer in the world. An adjustable locking screw allows the user to set the compression crimp length in a matter of seconds.

No instructions needed to work the tool. Simply back the screw out just enough to hold the connector and adjust inward on the fly as you press the handles multiple times until you get the correct compression length. That's it!

The tool is that simple and fast to use. However, for those who might need instructions, Paladin also provides a complete set-up list for over 200 connectors including LRC (Thomas & Betts) Snap-N-Seal™, Gilbert (Corning) UltraSeal™, CalRad Permaseal™, Stirling SPL, Digicon (all types), F-Conn (all types), ICM Corp., PPC, and more.

The SealTite™ Pro is the fastest, easiest, most cost effective, and reliable compression crimper on the market. 5-year Warranty!

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