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Detailed listing of our Thomas & Betts Crimpers.

TBM45S Lug Crimper with Dies
  • Price: $355.00
    SKU: 39202
    Weight: 1.5 lbs.
    Brand: Thomas & Betts
  • $355.00 qty:

Rotating, embossing crimp head, delivers a wide installing range of #8-#2 copper and #10-#6 aluminum lugs and splices. Also installs up to green color-coded C-taps and MD2 Series motor lead disconnects.

The TBM45S lug crimping tool, has a rotary color-coded die wheel and is equipped with a ratcheting Shure-Stake device (to ensure positive compression).

This Thomas & Betts crimper has a 5-nested die wheel with red, gray, blue brown and green Color-Keyed lug nests. This tool also automatically embosses the corresponding die code onto the crimped connector, thus documenting a proper crimp.

Ergonomically designed handle delivers comfortable crimping which requires 25% less handle force to complete the crimp cycle than the previous generation tool.

The TBM45S Lug Crimper weighs 1.5 lbs and is 10 1/4" long.

Thomas & Betts 14-ton Insulated Hydraulic Crimper
  • Price: $4,105.00
    SKU: 39205
    Weight: 26 lbs.
    Brand: Thomas & Betts
  • $4,105.00 qty:

Compact, manual hydraulic crimper handles lugs and terminals to 900 MCM, Copper "C" Taps and Aluminum "H" Taps.

The TBM14M self-contained hydraulic crimping tool installs copper and aluminum color-keyed connectors; copper and aluminum lugs and two-way connectors up to 750 MCM; copper "C"-taps through #54775; aluminum "H" taps through #63150 plus grid connectors through 250 MCM, 5/8" rod. It features an insulated head for safety, rapid-ram advance mechanism for fast installation, field-replaceable bypass cartridge and short fiberglass handle for use in confined work spaces.

The TBM14 develops 14-ton compression force and uses standard T&B 15-ton U-type shell dies (sold separately). Includes carrying case. Connectors with T&B tools are UL and CSA approved as a system. This 17 lb. crimper measures 24.4" in length. Shipping weight is 26 lbs.

Thomas & Betts U-Die Sets for this Crimper can be ordered by clicking here.

Thomas & Betts TBM15 15-ton Hydraulic Crimper Head
  • Price: $3,975.00
    SKU: 39242
    Weight: 40 lbs.
    Brand: Thomas & Betts
  • $3,975.00 qty:

The TBM15 15-Ton Hydraulic Crimper head has a long, slim profile allowing for easier access into tight spaces like cable tray and central office applications.

A wide jaw opening (2") allows for easier crimping of larger lugs, C taps and H taps. This 15-ton hydraulic crimper with insulated, non-self-contained hydraulic head can be used to install copper and aluminum lugs and splices up to 1000MCM, C taps, H taps and grid ground connectors. It runs off of standard 10,000-psi hydraulic pumps (Click Here to go to pumps).

This 15-ton capacity crimper has an open yoke C-style insulated head. It crimps connectors through 1000MCM, C taps and the big 750MCM H taps. Uses interchangeable dies (sold separately). Includes 3/8" male, screw type coupler and carrying case. The TBM15 Crimper head weighs 14 pounds (without dies). Jaw opening is 2" and 1.5" with die adapter. This T&B crimper is engineered for rugged use and long life and is backed by a 5-year warranty.

The T&B 15-ton head is for use with P-style dies only. Adapter #39240 is required when using "U-style" dies with this tool, adapter shown below.

Click here to see our selection of Crimper Dies for this tool.

Click here to see the T&B Hydraulic Pumps to drive this crimper head.

TBM8S Compression Crimper with Dies
  • Price: $1,665.00
    SKU: 39203
    Weight: 20.5 lbs.
    Brand: Thomas & Betts
  • $1,665.00 qty:

The TBM8 installs code copper lugs and connectors from #8 to 500 MCM; all code copper compression joints and "C" taps; aluminum lugs and connectors from #10 to 350 MCM plus Blackburn compression lugs and connectors.

Includes color-coded installing dies, Shure-Stake device (to insure positive compression) and carrying case. Tool weighs 20.5 lbs and is 26" long.
TBM5S Compression Crimper with Dies
  • Price: $940.00
    SKU: 39204
    Weight: 9.4 lbs.
    Brand: Thomas & Betts
  • $940.00 $558.00 qty:

The TBM5 installs copper conductors from #8 to 250 MCM lugs, splice joints and taps plus aluminum cables from #10 to 4/0.

Includes dies and Shure-Stake device (to insure positive compression). 9.4 lb crimper measures 26".
TBM6S Compression Crimper
  • Price: $1,130.00
    SKU: 39200
    Weight: 21 lbs.
    Brand: Thomas & Betts
  • $1,130.00 qty:

Use the TBM6S crimper to install #8 through 500 MCM color-keyed copper lugs, splices and taps; #10 through 350 MCM color-keyed aluminum lugs and splices plus 63105 through 63140 orange, green and blue H-Taps.

TBM6S includes Shure-Stake device (insures positive compression), wire brush and carrying case. This 21 lb. crimper is 26" in length. Dies are sold separately.
H Tap Die Set
  • Price: $720.00
    SKU: 39201
    Weight: 2.5 lbs.
    Brand: Thomas & Betts
  • $720.00 qty:

Die set includes several upper and lower dies plus the 13478 brown standard die set. Die kit for use with TBM6S


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