Cable Lacing Kit

Cable Lacing Tool Kit

The perfect addition to any telecom tool kit! Our Cable Lacing Kit was designed specifically for telecom installers and central office personnel. This kit contains everything you will need to perform professional cable lacing at your facility.

Organize all your cable lacing tools supplies in one easy-to-find location with this complete lacing kit. In our handy mechanics bag we have included lacing twine, protective gloves, a variety of cable lacing needles and lacing loops, replacement needle blades and snips, everything you need right at your fingertips.

If you can't find the exact tool kit to fit your needs then by all means build your own at Custom Tool Kits.

  • 9-ply waxed lacing cord - 4 rolls of strong polyester twine so you don't run out.
  • Curved Lacing Needle - The most popular style needle.
  • Straight lacing needle - Great when you need a little longer reach.
  • Replacement Needle Blades - Recover quickly from those pesky broken blades.
  • Wire Loop Puller - For pulling the twine instead of pushing.
  • Cable Lacing Gloves - Fingerless gloves for hand protection without loss of dexterity.
  • Telecom Snips - How else can you cut this tough twine?
  • Mechanics Bag - No more "Can't find it" problems!
  • 9-ply Waxed Cable Lacing Twine, Polyester (4 rolls)
  • Electrician's Snips
  • Curved Blade Cable Lacing Needle
  • Curved Replacement Blades, 6 pack
  • Straight Blade Cable Lacing Needle
  • Straight Replacement Blades, 6 pack
  • Insulated Wire Loop Pullers (2)
  • Cable Lacing Gloves, Large (2 pair)
  • Zippered Mechanic's Storage Bag, Cordura
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Weight: 8 lbs.
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