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Pocket Reference Books In addition to our Pocket Reference Books, which feature invaluable information at your fingertips, we also offer Tecra Tool's Quick Link Guide to valuable charts and conversions:

With all there is to know in the ever-changing, complex field service industries, some days it is nice to have everything basic on hand for easy reference.

We have put together some helpful links with tables, conversions and charts that you might find useful for your daily routine in the field or at home. Feel free to bookmark this page and hopefully it will save you some time in the future. We appreciate your business and extend our sincere thanks for allowing us to work hard for you.

Telephone Jacks – Find registered jacks table highlighting wiring, type and pin positions for all RJ connection interfaces.

American Wire Gauge (AWG) and British Std Wire Gauge (Imperial) Comparison Table

CAT 5 – an informative piece describing CAT 1 – 5 cabling systems with maximum data rate and usual applications for each.

Internet Speeds – reference all types of carrier technology with speed, physical medium, and application of each.

Digital Signal X – a summary of the set of signals carried inside the carrier systems and relates them to the North American T-carrier and the European E-carrier systems.

Convert-me.com – Find all types of conversions of measure and much more.

Standard Drill Sizes / Millimeter Sizes

Unit Conversion Tables – This online calculator converts units of length, mass, volume, energy, pressure, and temperature.

Handy Torque Units Conversion Tool

Super Cool Converter of Just About Everything!

Fundamental Physical Constants – from the National Institute of Standards, NIST

Fractions and Drill Size Decimal Equivalents Table

Decimal Equivalents Table

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