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Tecra Tools' TEC-ALERT newsletter blog is designed exclusively for people who have either purchased from or requested a catalog or newsletter from Tecra Tools.

Who is it for?
The TEC-ALERT is designed for Service Technicians or MRO equipment buyers, anyone who uses or purchases electronics, tools, supplies, toolkits or shipping cases.

How often will I see it?
We will email you a new issue of the TEC-ALERT newsletter every few months throughout the year. You may also, on occasion, receive other offers and information from Tecra Tools via email.

What will it contain for me?

Each quarter we will introduce you to a specific product that we think you definitely need to know about!

TECRA TIPS: Useful and informative technical "how to" and safety articles.

NEWS AROUND THE WORLD: Informative and interesting articles in different fields from around the world.

SPECIAL REPORTS: These non-technical articles collect and organize important and useful information that everyone needs to know but can never find. You'll want to print these out and keep them handy for future reference!

THIS MONTH IN HISTORY: We offer these bits of fact and knowledge for your interest and amusement. Hopefully, these mental tidbits trip the "I didn't know that" switch upstairs and can be used in conversation elsewhere.


How do I get off the TEC-ALERT mailing list?
Easy! Just click on the "Leave this List" button at the bottom of the TEC-ALERT Newsletter that was emailed to you. Your name will be removed from our list immediately. Tecra Tools will NEVER resell or make our lists available to anyone else, Guaranteed!

How do I or my friends subscribe to the TEC-ALERT?
Just as easy! Type the word SUBSCRIBE in the subject line and send the email to info@TecraTools.com. You will be added to our list and automatically receive next quarter’s issue.

You are welcome to forward the TEC-ALERT to as many people as you want, but please don't subscribe anyone but yourself.

What if I have questions or concerns?
We are happy to answer any questions or concerns that you might have. Please call us toll free at 1-800-284-0808 or email us at info@TecraTools.com. Thank you for your continued support and we look forward to serving you soon!
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