Emergency Incident Response Kit

Emergency Incident Response Kit
Are your field service personnel prepared for any emergency? This kit can help!
Hazardous spills, on-the-job accidents, terrorist attacks, natural disasters - any one of these can catch you off guard. Be ready with a comprehensive Emergency Response Kit from Tecra Tools.

This kit includes everything needed to equip a 2-person team for quick and effective response respond to a wide variety of unexpected emergency situations from personal injuries or chemical spills, to bio-hazard clean-ups.

Be ready! Tecra Tools can help.

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  • Hard Hats (2) - for falling debris protection
  • Gloves, PVC Rubber (6pr) - chemical spill safety
  • Gloves, Nitrile, 1 box - for safer biological agents handling
  • EyeWash, 16oz Bottle (2) - for eye and face washing
  • Danger Barricade Tape, 1 roll - to mark off affected areas
  • First Aid Kit - for basic injury treatment
  • Safety Goggles (2) - to maintain eye safety
  • Class II Safety Vests (2) - improve worker visibility
  • Respirator Masks N95 - airborne agent protection
  • Pathogen Clean-Up Kit - for documenting, disposal of and protection from biological dangers
  • Overboots, Large (2pr) - foot safety while walking through affected areas
  • Hi-Viz Storage Bag - all organized in a single, quick-response carry bag
  • Hard Hats (2 Caps, Red)
  • Gloves, PVC Rubber (6pr)
  • Gloves, Nitrile, 1 box
  • EyeWash, 16oz Bottle (2)
  • Danger Barricade Tape, 1 roll
  • First Aid Kit
  • Safety Goggles (2)
  • Class II Safety Vests (2)
  • Respirator Masks N95
  • Pathogen Clean-Up Kit - Contents: (1pr) Disposable Vinyl Gloves, (1pr) Disposable Shoe Covers, (1) Disposable Apron, (2) Scoop/Scrapers, (2) Red Biohazard Bags w/Ties, (1 Disposable Towel, (1pr) Protective Eyewear, (1) Isolation Mask, (1) 3 oz. Packet of Absorbent Powder, (2) Antiseptic Wipes, (1) Disposable Wipe w/HIV-1 Tuberculocidal Claim, Material Safety Data Sheets & Instructions
  • Overboots, Large (2pr)
  • Hi-Viz Storage Bag
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Dimensions: 24x11x11
Weight: 20 lbs.
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