Fiber Tools - Kevlar Cutters

Detailed listing of our Fiber Optic Kevlar Cutters.

Miller Kevlar Cutter
  • Price: $35.00
    SKU: 35219
    Weight: 0.3 lbs.
  • $35.00 qty:

Uniquely designed for cutting and trimming Kevlar strength members found in fiber optic cable.

Non-slip serrated hardened steel blades for clean cutting action and soft, cushioned, oversized bows for comfort. High leverage provides powerful cutting action. Overall length is 6.5" with a 0.65" length of cut. Made in the U.S.A.

Kevlarô Shears
  • Price: $18.50
    SKU: 35221
    Weight: 0.2 lbs.
  • $18.50 qty:

Economically priced Kevlarô Shears specifically designed to cut Kevlarô strength members in fiber optic cable.

These shears have hardened stainless steel blades with a fine serration on one blade to firmly hold Kevlarô fibers and prevent slipping while cutting.

Rugged plastic handles are oversized for operator comfort and shaped for either right- or left-hand use. Overall length: 7.25"


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