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Detailed listing of our Fiber Optic Cleaning Chemicals and Supplies.

Sticklers Fiber Optic Cleaning Kit
  • Price: $109.00
    SKU: 32360
    Weight: 2 lbs.
    Brand: Sticklers
  • $109.00 qty:

The Sticklers® Fiber Optic Cleaning Kit has been engineered to help field techs clean fiber networks quickly, reliably and inexpensively.

Find the perfect fibre optics supplies for your needs at This kit contains the most popular items for cleaning fiber optic connectors and for cleaning before splicing and delivers 800+ perfectly clean connectors and/or splices. The bright color makes it easy to locate, harder to leave behind and this kit features the unique Sticklers® nonflammable TravelSAFE™ Cleaning Fluid

Kit contains: storage bag, two cans of Sticklers® Fiber Optic Splice & Connector Cleaner, one "mini-tubs" of Sticklers® Benchtop CleanWipes™; one Sticklers® CleanWipes™ 400 cleaning tool, one packet of 25 Sticklers® CleanWipes™ Singles, three sleeves of Sticklers® S25 CleanStixx™ swabs and two sleeves of S12 CleanStixx™ swabs (ten swabs per sleeve, for a total of 50 CleanStixx™ swabs) for cleaning inside alignment sleeves, and a LED flashlight

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Sticklers Fiber Optic Cleaning Fluid
  • Price: $19.25
    SKU: 32364
    Weight: 0.5 lbs.
    Brand: Sticklers
  • $19.25 qty:

Engineered for fast, reliable and consistent "wet-dry" cleaning and specifically formulated to dissipate the static that "locks" contaminants onto fiber end-faces, enabling easy removal of particulates, dust and lint.

Fast-drying, nonflammable, nonhazardous cleaner fluid for all fiber tasks, such as cleaning connector end faces and cleaning optical fibers before splicing. More than 400+ cleanings per can.

3 oz. TravelSAFE™ pump spray can.

Sticklers 2.5mm Cleaning Sticks
  • Price: $34.75
    SKU: 32370
    Weight: 0.5 lbs.
    Brand: Sticklers
  • $34.75 qty:

Sticklers CleanStixx™ swabs will leave fiber optic end-faces clean and residue-free

Find affordable and dependable fiber optic cleaning sticks at
Sticklers 1.25mm Cleaning Sticks
  • Price: $34.75
    SKU: 32372
    Weight: 0.5 lbs.
    Brand: Sticklers
  • $34.75 qty:

Sticklers CleanStixx™ swabs will leave fiber optic end-faces clean and residue-free

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Pump-Top Alcohol Dispenser Bottle
  • Price: $10.00
    SKU: 32113
    Weight: 0.25 lbs.
  • $10.00 qty:

A new 8 oz. Euro-design alcohol bottle with twist-n-lock pump top (prevents leakage and is suitable for travel) and a Touch & Go plastic pump which eliminates direct hand contact, spillage, fumes and waste while protecting purity.

TechSpray Isopropyl Alcohol
  • Price: $17.00
    SKU: 32170
    Weight: 1 lbs.
  • $17.00 qty:

An excellent universal cleaner, this 99% pure anhydrous isopropyl alcohol is perfect for cleaning optical fibers. 16 oz. bottle.

Fiber Anaerobic Adhesives Kit
  • Price: $50.00
    SKU: 32305
    Weight: 0.8 lbs.
  • $50.00 qty:

Remarkable 30 second cure time. Achieve faster fiber terminations and higher performance with this easy-to-use Loctite Adhesive Kit.

Includes green tinted adhesive for easy visual indication, primer and a 10-pack of syringes with needles. Terminates more than 100 connectors.
Chemtronics Optic Prep Wipes
  • Price: $32.00
    SKU: 32325
    Weight: 0.6 lbs.
    Brand: Chemtronics
  • $32.00 qty:

The highest grade premoistened lens-grade tissue for cleaning optical surfaces.

Evaporates completely, leaving surface clean and residue free. Compatible with most plastic, glass and metal surfaces. Nonabrasive solvent quickly removes dust, oil and other contaminants. Wipes are 3" x 4". 50 pads

50 Pack Foam Tipped Swabs
  • Price: $30.00
    SKU: 32326
    Weight: 0.2 lbs.
    Brand: Chemtronics
  • $30.00 qty:

These highly absorbent swabs deliver precision cleaning with 100 ppi polyurethane foam head made from the purest medical grade foam on a 6" long wood handle.

Swabs are sold 50 per pack.

Tyton Fiber Cleaner
  • Price: $27.00
    SKU: 32332
    Weight: 0.2 lbs.
  • $27.00 qty:

Affordable hand-held fiber optic connector cleaning system is an economical and efficient method of cleaning connectors.

The fiberclean system is a reel type dispenser containing 10' of "ultra-white" non-woven, lint-free film for complete removal of dust, dirt, oil and grease from fiber and ferrule end faces. Three "figure 8 strokes" cleans the connector surface. Used material is directed out the back of the unit and can be torn off and thrown away. Can clean over 400 connections per dispenser.

Laser Safety Glasses
  • Price: $179.00
    SKU: 33114
    Weight: 0.4 lbs.
  • $179.00 qty:

Great looking wrap around Laser Safety Glasses provide excellent protection with an Optical Density of 4+ or more in the 850nm-1700nm range, the most common wavelengths encountered in fiber optic applications!

These glass lens, nearly clear Laser Safety Glasses from Microlite, provide both superior protection and also great styling! The tough silver plastic frame has SoftGrip nosepiece and earpieces for comfortable all-day wear, while the integrated OptiBloc side shields deliver lateral protection. Also includes hard glasses case, soft pouch/cleaner and adjustable/removable neck strap.

CAUTION: For viewing of stray light and diffuse laser light only!

Wavelength Optical Density 850-899nm 4+ OD 900-1000nm 5+ OD 1000-2400nm 7+ OD
TechSpray Absorbwipe Poly Wipes
  • Price: $10.50
    SKU: 34193
    Weight: 0.1 lbs.
  • $10.50 qty:

Absorbwipe has an absorption rate of six times its own weight.

This soft, 100% polyester wipe is perfect for cleaning optical equipment and other sensitive surfaces. Absorbwipe is non-abrasive and will not scratch. Wipes are 4" x 4" with 100 per pack.

D-Gel Cleaning Wipes, 10 Pack
  • Price: $50.00
    SKU: 32350
    Weight: 0.7 lbs.
  • $50.00 qty:

Designed to replace hazardous solvents, D'Gel Cleaning Wipes easily and effectively remove interstitial and loose tube gel filling and flooding compounds without damage to cable or fiber optic components (inks & delicate coating materials).

No skin or inhalation risk, just high performance cleaning power allowing fast effective preparation of cables and cleaning of tools and plant. D' Gel does not contain TCE, HCFC's or methylene chloride. Individual D'Gel Cleaning Wipes measure 8" x 11".

AFL One-Click Cleaner MPO
  • Price: $109.00
    SKU: 32340
    Weight: 0.2 lbs.
    Brand: AFL
  • $109.00 qty:

High performance device for cleaning the ferrule endfaces of MPO (MTP) fiber optic connector bulkheads.

This tool cleans the fiber endface without the use of alcohol. It effectively cleans all 12 fiber endfaces at once. Solvent-free cleaning leaves no residue. Works with FOCIS-5 (MPO) connectors. Capable of cleaning MPO/MTP ferrules inside or outside the MPO/MTP adapter. 500 cleanings per cassette.


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