Fibrlok Fiber Splicing Kit

3M Fibrlok Fiber Splicing Kit

The Fibrlok fiber splice preparation kit provides all the tools necessary for the assembly of 3M Fibrlok Mechanical Splices.

The fujikara fiber slicer kit contains a Fibrlock assembly tool, Micro-strip precision stripper, Miller fiber stripper, Ideal coaxial cable stripper, Electrician's telecommunications snips, 15x triple power magnifier, empty isopropyl alcohol bottle, lint free cloth (100 each), Pelican Protector Case and manual.

Kit does not include a fiber optic cleaver, which can be ordered separately (see below).

If you can't find the exact tool kit to fit your needs then by all means build your own at Custom Tool Kits.

  • Fibrlok assembly tool
  • Micro-strip precision stripper
  • Miller fiber stripper
  • Ideal coaxial cable stripper
  • Electrician's telecommunications snips
  • Micro Strip Precision Stripper
  • Fibrlok Assembly Tool
  • Miller 100 Cable Stripper
  • Ideal Coaxial Cable Stripper
  • Telecom Snips
  • 15x Triple Power Magnifier
  • Alcohol Bottle
  • Lint Free Cloth (100 each)
  • Pelican 1500 Case
  • User Manual
3M Fibrlok Fiber Splicing Kit
Dimensions: 17x13x7
Item #: 32531
Weight: 12 lbs.
Description: 6 pack of 3M Fibrlok Mechanical fiber optic splices for rapid field deployment of mechanical splice repairs of either Singlemode or Multimode fibers.
Item #: 32529
Weight: 0.5 lbs.
Snap-Off Field Cleaver
Item #: 35217
Weight: 0.4 lbs.
Description: 3M Fibrlok Assembly Tool (ONLY)

This tabletop tool is designed to quickly and repeatably assemble 3M Fibrlok Mechanical fiber optic splices in the field.
Item #: 32501
Weight: 1 lbs.

Item #: 35208
Weight: 0.2 lbs.