Tecra's 1 + 1 + 1 = 1 Perfect Tool Kit Solution

Our 1 Price + 1 Part # + 1 Shipment = 1 Perfect Tool Kit Solution

Maybe the math doesn't add up to you but to us there is not better solution to tool kitting. We've been building great tool kits since 1975 and for us and the companies we work with 1+1+1=1.

This is NEW MATH and our simplification of the kit building process to make you and your team more efficient and productive.

Yes, the CUSTOM TOOL KIT REVOLUTION is growing in numbers. YOU and YOUR TEAM have wisely chosen to be part of an EXPANDING and ELITE group of organizations such as, but not limited to:
Just like your team, these organizations have decided to INVEST in their purchasing, warehouse and field management teams helping your organization from top to bottom, to become a more efficient and effective workforce! By partnering with Tecra Tools, rest assured you are working side-by-side with tool kit experts who always have your best interest in mind. Time tested, we’ve been doing this since 1975! 

WHY TECRA TOOLS?  We help you ATTRACT top talent in today’s competitive hiring market…RETAIN your best and seasoned field technicians with a “you matter too” message by supplying the right gear for the right job . Gear they can be PROUD to say… YOU made sure they had. Lastly, we help your organization INVEST in a more efficient and effective workforce.
HOW DOES IT WORK? It’s simple, 1+1+1 = One Price… One Part#... One Shipment Solution that saves your organization TIME… HEADACHES… and ultimately MONEY through saved labor costs and eliminating tool loss. Tecra Tools provides the procurement of all the many manufacturers’ products on your determined BOMs. We also take ALL the hassles of inbound product freight, mis-shipped product and damaged shipments off your hands. We relieve your organization of the mounds of retail packaging waste by recycling it for you. Tecra Tools works with your team by laying out the perfect use tool kit and helps to design a custom foam solution that both protects your gear and gives your techs an instant inventory process, eliminating costly tool loss. We provide the warehouse space to store and assemble your amazing tool kits and lastly, Tecra Tools provides a single shipment solution direct to you. This smarter, more efficient and effective solution insures that your field service team is ready to hit the road running, making your organization more profitable from the start!

WHAT IS THE RESULT? An AMAZING ONE… Your organization takes advantage of our 40+ Years of Tool Kitting Experience. We are experts at our craft and are constantly learning your business. We will look to create a win-win partnership and ultimately provide the BEST DAMN CUSTOM TOOL KIT SOLUTION for you and your team.

All of us here at TECRA TOOLS are a part of your team and Team Tecra only accepts the very best… Welcome Aboard!

You may think you want to build your own custom tool kit or maybe outfit your tech team with multiple service tool kits. But, NO, you really don't. Here are the numbers. Most tool kits number roughly 132 individual tools. That's 132 tools to order. 132 invoices. 132 tools shipped. 132 deliveries. 132 boxes...
Then you have unpackaging. Packaging waste. 

1 Price +

1 Part # +

1 Shipment = 

1 Perfect Tool Kit Solution



Get exactly what you need with a custom tool kit from Tecra Tools.

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