Lead Free Solder, Pocket Pack

Lead Free Solder, Pocket Pack
Qualitek Lead Free Rosin Core Solder in a compact self-dispensing Pocket Pack size.

This handy pocket pack spool of Rosin Core Lead Free Solder from Qualitek has been developed as a cost effective lead-free alternative to expensive Silver-based solders.

This solder alloy is made of tin (99.5%), copper (0.5%) and cobalt (trace) to create an extremely pure RoHS compliant solder the produces brighter, less grainy solder joints than other lead-free solders.

21 AWG diameter (.031") rosin core flux lead free solder packaged in a 0.5oz dispenser. Melting point 442°F (228°C).

Meets RoHS requirements.

Item #: 15147
Weight: 0.2 lbs.
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