KimWipes Low Lint Wipes, Large

KimWipes Lint-Free Wipes, Large
Larger size KimWipes for all your cleaning needs!

Larger size, low lint and absorbent 17.5" x 15" Kim Wipes. A favorite for parts and component cleaning. These soft, absorbent wipes are cloth-like to provide gentle wet or dry cleaning and polishing.

Each box contains 140, 17.5" x 15" Wipes.

Brand: Kimberly-Clark
Description: One 140 count box of 17.5" x 15" Delicate Task Wipes.
Item #: 34181
Weight: 1.2 lbs.
Description: One case of fifteen (15), 140 count boxes of 17.5" x 15" Low Lint Wipes.
Item #: 34181case
Weight: 20 lbs.