EcoLine Cleaner/Degreaser Spray

EcoLine Cleaner/Degreaser Spray
The plastic-safe EcoLine Cleaner/Degreaser Spray is an effective multipurpose cleaner/degreaser for all your on-the-job cleaning needs.

This EcoLine Cleaner/Degreaser is designed for cleaning electronic and electrical equipment, machinery and metal parts. EcoLine cleaner's rapid evaporation and complete compatibility with plastics make it the perfect choice for light duty cleaning.

• EPA SNAP Approved • Non-Ozone Depleting • Safe on Plastics • Zero Residue • Non-Corrosive

Techspray® is committed to developing products to ensure a safer and cleaner environment. We will continue to meet and sustain the regulations of all federal, state and local government agencies.

One 10 oz aerosol spray can.

Brand: TechSpray
Description: One 10 oz aerosol can.
Item #: 34106
Weight: 0.8 lbs.
Description: One case of twelve (12) 10 oz aerosol cans.
Item #: 34106case
Weight: 10 lbs.