Ozone Friendly Spray Duster

Ozone Friendly Spray Duster
Exceptionally Pure, Non-Ozone Depleting and Moisture Free this "Canned Air" Duster gets the job done!

Help do your part in protecting the environment, use only dusters formulated with 100% HFC-134a, shown not to deplete the ozone. Each can has a built in spray nozzle and is filled with an exceptionally pure, moisture free, inert gas that removes dust particles without the use of harmful solvents. Because HFC's do not harm the ozone, this duster has a zero ozone depletion factor.

One 10 oz aerosol spray can.

Brand: TechSpray
Description: One 10 oz aerosol can.
Item #: 32104
Weight: 1 lbs.
Description: Case of twelve (12) 10 oz aerosol cans.
Item #: 32104case
Weight: 12 lbs.