TEKTON 5" Long Nose Pliers

  • TEKTON 5" Long Nose Pliers
  • TEKTON 5" Long Nose Pliers
  • TEKTON 5" Long Nose Pliers
  • TEKTON 5" Long Nose Pliers
  • TEKTON 5" Long Nose Pliers
  • TEKTON 5" Long Nose Pliers
Offering extra reach into tight spaces, this long nose tapers from a wide base to a fine tip.

To make sure the tip can consistently grasp the tiniest wires or parts, the base of the jaws is relieved with a small gap (0.3 mm +/- 0.1 mm) to prevent contact that would keep the tips from closing tightly together.

Fine Crosscut Teeth
Oriented at 120 degrees to each other—60 degrees to each side of the jaw centerline—the serrations are cut in two passes to form fine, regularly-spaced, diamond-shaped teeth. 

Built-In Wire Cutters
The second half of a versatile, two-in-one design, the integrated wire cutters cleanly snip soft metal wires like copper, aluminum, brass, and silver in sizes 14-38 AWG.

Recessed Coil Spring
Gently assisting the opening action of pliers, the long-arm coil spring is neatly tucked between handles so it won't get in the way or be accidentally dislodged. Coiled twice, it achieves the right balance of the force required to open pliers with that required to close them, greatly improving overall control and reducing hand fatigue.

Custom-Engineered Alloy
Formulated for key performance characteristics, TEKTON pliers are made from a custom-engineered steel alloy with a high carbon content that strikes an ideal balance between machinability and toughness in its final hardened state (HRC 44-48).

  • Long, tapered nose with fine tip
  • Crosscut teeth distribute force evenly for sure grip in any direction
  • Wire cutter cleanly snips copper, aluminum and other soft metals
  • Recessed coil spring gently assists opening to minimize hand fatigue
  • Wide, flat handles with slim, nonslip grips provide comfortable fingertip control
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