(SALE - 67 LEFT) Sterling 3/8" White WorkPro Kernmantle Rope

Sterling 3/8

No more time-consuming test-adjusting of the correct opening size. Just position the upper jaw to the workpiece, push button and move close the lower jaw, ingeniously simple.

The 3/8" (10mm) WorkPro is ideal for anchoring, rigging and used consistently by mountain and backcountry rescue teams. This rope is dual-certified to EN 1891 Type A and NFPA 1983 Technical Use, compatible with recreational climbing gear, light and packable. Uses include Rappelling, Anchoring, Light-Duty Rigging. For the WorkPro, Sterling developed an entirely new approach to rope construction—one that makes for balanced elongation in the core and sheath so they share the load evenly. This makes the WorkPro stronger than other 11 mm ropes of similar construction while retaining a small but important amount of elongation.

  • Diameter: 3/8" (10mm)
  • Length: 45.93' (14 meters)
  • Color: White
  • Material: Nylon/Polyester
  • Construction: Kernmantle
  • Minimum Tensile Strength: 6519 lbs
  • Standards & Certifications: ANSI Z133, EN 1891 Type A, NFPA 1983 Technical Use
  • Made in USA

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Weight: 3 lbs.
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