(SALE - 8 LEFT) Paladin Stripax Pro 6 Wire Stripper 

Paladin Stripax Pro 6 Wire Stripper

For THHN and THHW industrial insulations. The Stripax Pro 6 performs powerful stripping of standard and industrial insulations for a wire range of 28-10 AWG (.08-6 mm2).

The ergonomically designed, contoured handles let you hold the tool in a natural position so stripping is comfortable and requires less effort.

  • Consistently strips heavy-duty and industrial insulations including THHN & THHW
  • Strips standard insulations including PVC, rubber and silicone
  • Provides nick-free stripping of insulation with no damage to conductors
  • Built-in cutter provides a smooth, straight cut without distorting the conductor
  • Fine adjustment slider on top of tool lets you adjust to the insulation thickness

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Weight: 1 lbs.
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