Backcountry Roadside Safety Kit

Backcountry Roadside Safety Kit
  • Backcountry Roadside Safety Kit
  • Backcountry Roadside Safety Kit
  • Backcountry Roadside Safety Kit
  • Backcountry Roadside Safety Kit
  • Backcountry Roadside Safety Kit
  • Backcountry Roadside Safety Kit
Don't get stuck up S--t Creek without a paddle. If you're heading out to the backcountry in your four wheeler make Tecra's new Backcountry Roadside Safety Kit your emergency paddle.

Ever been stranded in the backcountry? No? Well, we haven’t and we don’t plan to... but you can bet your sweet booty we'd want this save-your-buckskin kit travelin’ shotgun! 

Being prepared for an emergency is essential to getting back home safely and this 20+ piece vehicle kit boasts all the emergency necessities and tools packed into an OD Green lifetime warranty, waterproof case. Why, there is even enough room to thrown in your favorite backcountry blankie and crackers so your are uber prepared for any on-road, off-road or zombie apocalypse emergencies.

BRS Kit highlights includes Sweet Gerber Survival shovel for fighting zombies or digging out your tires, combo hatchet/hammer for bashing zombies or splitting wood for a fire, led flares for lighting up zombies or making sure you’re seen by the side of the road! Zombie Apocalypse Approved, roadside ready.

Don’t let not knowing which emergency items to buy stand in the way of being prepared on your adventures. Put our Backcountry Roadside Safety Kit onboard your rig and we’ve got your covered, literally (5-pack of emergency reflective blankets included)!

  • Tiny Survival Guide: A Life Insurance Policy in Your Pocket
  • First Aid Kit: 25-person OSHA and ANSI standard
  • Fire Extinguisher with Vehicle Bracket: ready-to-use 2.5 lb. type ABC fire extinguisher
  • Vaughan Hatchet/Hammer Combo: 28oz, hickory handle
  • Rechargeable ATAK Flashlight - charging port for smart phones or tablets, USB charge cable included
  • Gerber MultiTool M600 Pro Scout - 14 tools for a variety of tasks
  • Gerber Bits Add On Set: perfect add on for MultiTool
  • Emergency 4-in1 Rescue Tool: All-in-One breaks glass, cuts seat belt, hazard and LED lights
  • Gerber Folding Emergency Shovel: lighweight and durable for digging or hammering
  • Knucklehead Gloves: Heavyweight Armor Skin™ synthetic leather, PVC reinforced patch palm
  • Rechargeable Flashlight
  • Gerber Multitool MP600
  • Gerber Bits add on set
  • First Aid Kit
  • Fire Extinguisher, ABC w/vehicle bracket
  • Hatchet Hammer Combo
  • Knucklehead Gloves, Large
  • Folding Emergency Shovel
  • Safety Vest, ANSI Class 2
  • Emergency, 4-in-1 Recue Tool
  • Lightstick, Green PK10
  • Reflective Safety Triangle Set (3pk)
  • Hand Warmers, PK10
  • Emergency, Reflective Blanket PK5
  • Pocket Survival Guide
  • 20ft, Tow Strap, 10,700lb Rating
  • 16ft Jumper Cables 6 GA
  • LED Safety Flare
  • Logo Plate
  • SKB Lifetime Warranty Wheeled Case
11" Lifetime Warranty Wheeled Black Tool Case
Dimensions: 21x16x10
Item #: 87554BK
Weight: 20 lbs.
11" Lifetime Warranty Wheeled Desert Tan Tool Case
Dimensions: 21x16x10
Item #: 87554DT
Weight: 20 lbs.