100-foot Fiberglass Fish Tape

Klein 100-foot Fiberglass Fish Tape
This top-of-the-line Fiberglass Fish Tape from Klein is the best combination of flexibility and stiffness for all your wire running and fishing needs!

Klein non-metallic fish tapes are made of highly durable reinforced polymer composite offering exceptional pulling strength (rated to 500 lbs.). This fish tape has permanent laser etched 1-foot increments on the tape to more accurately the depth of the conduit run and a large, comfortable winding handle for rapid fishing and rewinding. The tape is 3/16" in diameter and pushes stiff and straight, yet is flexible enough to move easily through long runs and multiple 90° bends as small as 3" radius.

Item #: 43144
Weight: 5 lbs.
$266.00 $212.80 qty: