Fiber Optic Continuity Tester

Fiber Optic Continuity Tester
Basic Laser Fiber Continuity Tester has two modes, continuous or blinking setting, to deliver a high intensity, red laser light down the optical fiber for verifying fiber continuity.

Compatible with multimode and singlemode fiber, this 1mW laser tester can achieve test distances of up to 2km for fiber continuity testing. With its durable all-aluminum body, this fiber optic continuity tester is designed for field use and provides a simple inexpensive check of fiber continuity.

Unit comes with a 2.5um universal adapter to interface with ST, FC, or SC connectors. The available 1.25mm adapter (see below) makes it compatible with LC or MU connector-types as well.

Also includes 2 AAA batteries and a lanyard.

Operation is simple. Gently insert the ferrule of the connector into the adapter port. Turn on the tester using the side button, one press for continuous-mode or two presses for blinking-mode. Red laser light visible at the far end of the fiber verifies continuity.

Testing distance may vary depending upon fiber characteristics.

Fiber Optic Continuity Tester
Description: CAUTION: Never look directly into the continuity tester laser or illuminated fibers. Can cause eye damage.
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Weight: 1 lbs.
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2.5mm to 1.25mm Converter/Adapter
Description: Converts the 2.5mm orifice on a fiber tester to a smaller 1.25mm orifice for use with LC and MU connectors.
Item #: 35531
Weight: 0.2 lbs.
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