ESD Grounding Plug and Outlet Tester

ESD Grounding Plug & Outlet Tester
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This dual purpose ESD grounding plug and outlet tester provides a simple, reliable and safe ESD grounding point using a verified and tested outlet.

This dual-purpose ESD Grounding Plug and Outlet Tester replaces expensive electrical ground circuit testers and indicators with a simple, convenient, cost-effective means to connect vital ESD equipment to grounded electrical outlets. Simply test the outlet briefly using the tester's LED indicator lights then, once correct wiring is confirmed, plug the ground cord of your ESD Wrist strap, ESD workstation, field service mat, wrist strap tester, or other ESD instruments into a verified facility electrical ground.

NOTE: Shown with optional ESD Wrist strap, not included.
#40170 Wrist Strap sold separately.

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