WalkStool Folding Work Stool

WalkStool Folding Work Stool
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Stop ruining your back and knees by bending over all day to work! This two-position, quick folding, compact work stool is the ideal solution for field service technicans.

How often do you have to work squatting or kneeling down? For most techs the risk is great that in time you will suffer from backache, sore knees and joint problems. You may even have these problems already! Well, now there is a stool that can help! Walkstool, compact and light when you carry it but durable, steady and comfortable when you sit on it.

This is quite simply the best stool we have ever found for field service techs.

The WalkStool's telescopic legs mean that you can use the stool at two different seat heights. A low-position 16" height with the seat unfolded but without legs extended and a fully extended position with a 22" seat height.

This unique heavy-duty stool is rated for an amazing load weight of 395 lbs! It folds and unfolds easily and is so small and light, you can take it with you to any job site. Invented and made in Sweden, the WalkStool uses only the best materials and is equipped with a high tech, comfortable nylon mesh seat.

Overall Weight: 2 lbs
Unfolded dimensions: 15" seat width by 22" high
Semi-Folded Dimensions: 15" seat width by 13" high
Folded dimensions: Compact 16" by 4" cylinder

Includes: WalkStool Comfort 55 and Soft Draw String Carrying Case.

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Item #: 64355
Weight: 3 lbs.
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