Telecom Wire Wrap Kit

Electrical Wire Wrapping Kit, 22-24 AWG
The Telecom Wire Wrap Kit is a complete field service wire stripping and wrapping kit with eveything you need to get the job done.

The Telecom Wire Wrap Tool Kit features an aluminum wire wrap gun with 22-24 AWG wire wrap bit and sleeve, plier-style wire wrap stripper/cutter 22-24 AWG, hand wrap and unwrap tool (22-24 AWG) all packaged in a convenient leather holster that easily fits on any tool belt.

The durable Jonard Aluminum Wire Wrap Gun produces wire-wrapped connections with just a squeeze of the trigger while the plier-style Stripper/Cutter is a great combination tool that produces a perfectly cut and stripped wire with a squeeze of the cushion grip handle and a pull. The hand wrap-unwrap tool goes from wrap to unwrap with just a flip of the cap.

Item #: 42150
Weight: 4 lbs.
$546.00 qty: