Master Ultratorch Butane Soldering Iron

Master Ultratorch Butane Soldering Torch
The simple push button piezoelectric ignition system makes this heat tool perfect for field service since no batteries or AC current are required.

With it's push-button electronic ignition, this high-performance, UT-100Si butane soldering iron kit from Master is quick and reliable. It includes an 1/8" wide soldering tip, heat tip, heat shrink attachment and protective cap. (Metal storage box sold separately below.)

The finger-tip temperature control ranges from 480°F-930°F for soldering and up to 1200°F with heat tip end. Operation time of up to 4 hours on a single filling. Overall length of 10". Replacement tips and parts available upon request. Can be refilled with standard butane fuel!

  • Push Button Instant Ignition.
  • Multipurpose Tool for Soldering, Heat Shrink and Hot Blower Applications.
  • Clear Refill Window enables accurate & timely refilling.
  • Protective Cap included.
  • NOTE: Metal Storage Box is sold separately, See Below.
Description: Complete Ultratorch Butane Soldering Iron kit with UT-100Si Iron, 1/8" Soldering Tip, Heat Tip, Heat Shrink Attachment and Protective Cap.

Metal Storage Box sold separately, see below.
Item #: 38100
Weight: 1 lbs.

Description: 1/32" Fine Point Soldering Tip for the Ultratorch UT-100Si Butane Soldering Iron.
Item #: 38102
Weight: 0.1 lbs.
Description: 1/8" Replacement Soldering Tip for the Ultratorch UT-100Si Butane Soldering Iron.
Item #: 38103
Weight: 0.1 lbs.
Description: Metal Storage Box for the Ultratorch UT-100Si Butane Soldering Iron.
Item #: 38105
Weight: 1 lbs.