Fluke 190 Series ScopeMeters

Fibre Optic Inspection Scope - Fluke 190 Series ScopeMeters
For the more demanding applications, the Fluke ScopeMeter 190 Series high-performance oscilloscopes offer specifications usually found only on top-end bench instruments.

With up to 200 MHz bandwidth, 2.5 GS/s real-time sampling and a deep memory of 27,500 points per input they're ideal for engineers who need the full capacities of a high-performance oscilloscope in a handheld, battery powered instrument.

Fluke 190C Series Full Color ScopeMeters
The 190C ScopeMeters models offer have an easy-to-read full color, high resolution screen for rapid identification of individual waveforms and higher signal detail, new Digital Persistence mode for analyzing complex dynamic waveforms, a faster display update rate for seeing dynamic behavior instantaneously and Stop-on-Trigger in ScopeRecord mode for storing and analyzing pre-trigger waveform data.

FlukeView ScopeMeter Software
Each 190 Series ScopeMeter comes with FlukeView ScopeMeter software for Windows (Windows 95/98 NT 4.0/2000). Documenting software transfers waveform, screen and measurement data from ScopeMeter to PC. Requires one free RS-232 port (COM port) and PM9080 RS-232 adapter/cable (included).

Fluke 190 Series ScopeMeters include FlukeView™ ScopeMeter software, RS-232 adapter cable, two BNC adapters and hard-shell case.

  • Dual input with 200, 100 or 60 MHz bandwidth
  • Up to 2.5 GS/s real-time sampling per input
  • Connect-and-View automatic triggering and a full range of manual trigger modes
  • Digital Persistence for analyzing complex dynamic waveforms like on an analog scope
  • Fast display update rate for seeing dynamic behavior instantaneously
  • Automatic capture and replay of 100 screens
  • 27,500 points per input record length using ScopeRecord mode
  • TrendPlot paperless chart recorder for trend analysis up to 22 days
  • Up to 1000 V independently floating isolated inputs
  • Waveform reference for visual comparisons and automatic pass/fail testing of waveforms
  • Vpwm function for motor drive and frequency inverter applications
  • 1000 V CAT II and 600 V CAT III safety certified
  • Four hours rechargeable NiMH battery pack
Fluke 190 Series ScopeMeter Specifications
200 MHz
100 MHz
200 MHz
100 MHz
60 MHz
Sample Rate
2.5 GS/s
1 GS/s
2.5 GS/s
1 GS/s
500 MS/s
144 mm Full Color LCD
130 mm Monochrome LCD
Max record length
in Scope mode
1200 points per input
1000 points per input
Max record length
in ScopeRecord mode
27,500 points
per input
Number of inputs
2 plus external DMM input
Number of digitizers
Input Sensitivity
5 mV/div. to 100 V/div.
Glitch Capture
Up to 3 ns pulse trigger / 50 ns peak detect
Timebase range
in Scope mode
5 ns/div. to 2 min/div.
10 ns/div. to 2 min/div.
Scope Measurements
7 cursors
30 automatic
7 cursors
28 automatic
Scope Record
Trigger Modes
Start on Trigger
Stop on Trtigger
Start on Trigger
Capture of last
100 screens
Automatic with replay capability
Dual input TrendPlot
Yes, with cursors and zoom
Memory for screens / set-ups
10 screens and set-ups
Memory for recordings
Two, each can store 100 scope screens (ScopeRecord or TrendPlot)
True RMS multimeter
5000 counts, Volts, Amps, Ohms, Continuity, Diode, Temp
Safety Certified
1,000 V CAT II / 600 V CAT III (instrument and included accessories)
Battery Power
4 hour NiMH battery installed
Adapter/battery charger included
Length 18.9" x Width 15" x Depth 5"
Meter Weight
9 lbs.
3 years, parts and labor
Item #: 37405
Weight: 9 lbs.
Item #: 37425
Weight: 9 lbs.