OFI200D Optical Fiber Identifier

AFL Optical Fiber Identifier
The Noyes Fiber Systems OFI 200D Optical Fiber Identifier is a low cost, hand-held tool designed to non-invasively identify signals in fiber optic cables.
The clamping trigger is ergonomically designed to fit the natural motion of the operator's hand. Front panel LEDs indicate traffic with direction, tone, no signal, and low battery. Additionally, an audible beeper sounds when tone is detected.

The unique head design the OFI 200D is compatible with 250 um, 900 um, ribbon fiber, and 3mm jacketed fiber. No tools or adjustments are required. Using a low insertion loss macro-bending technique, the OFI 200D detects optical signals without interrupting service or damaging the fiber. Comes with a soft carry case and user's guide.

  • Identifies Light Carrying Fiber
  • Indicates 2 kHz Tone Visually, Audibly & Direction of Traffic
  • Low Cost, Easy to Use
Item #: 35505
Weight: 1 lbs.
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