(SALE - 5 LEFT) LANMaster 30 Outlet Identifier

(SALE - 5 LEFT) LANMaster 30 Outlet Identifier
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The LANMaster 30 provides LAN/Telecom technicians a tool to quickly test any unknown wall outlet and identify the type of circuit.

The LanMaster 30 scans all combinations of the eight wires connected to an RJ-45 outlet to identify the type of equipment connected to the far-end or warn of the detection of potentially harmful unknown signals. Identifying the outlet type eliminates guessing. In less than six seconds, the LanMaster 30 will identify a 10baseT Link, 100baseT Link, Token Ring Link, Analog Telephone Line, PBX Line, ISDN Line, warn of unidentified signals, or indicate no signals are present. The model 30 even indicates when a 10/100 Ethernet Link is configured for auto-negotiation. Requires 9-volt battery (included).

  • Eliminate guessing on Outlet Identification
  • Quickly Test Unknown Wall Outlets
  • Identify Circuit Type
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