(SALE - 1 LEFT) JDSU/Test-Um Resi-Toner Tone Generator

(SALE - 1 LEFT) JDSU/Test-Um Resi-Toner Tone Generator
Find your Residential Low Voltage Wiring outlets quickly and assure your connections with the TG400 Resi-Toner from JDSU/Test-Um.
The JDSU/Test-Um TG400 Resi-Toner is a full function tone generator with unique features specifically designed to further test connections on telephone systems and speaker installations.

Requires 9V battery (not included).

  • "Powers-up" the installed telephone lines under actual load conditions with a simulated dial tone to check connectivity and proper wiring configurations without a service connection.
  • Full-feature tone generator with 3 different tone sounds and continuity test.
  • Generates a unique tone sequence for testing speaker installations by "popping" speakers---will work with either AC or DC coupled speaker types.
Item #: 43332
Weight: 2 lbs.
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