Fluke Pocket Toner NX8 Deluxe Tone & Tag Kit

Fluke Pocket Toner Coax Tone & Tag Kit
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  • Complete Kit Contents
  • Tone Tester Only
  • LED Display Readings

The Fluke Pocket Toner NX8 Deluxe Kit is the premier tone & tag tool for the CATV and Residential Low Voltage Wiring professional. Unparalleled ergonomic design, versatility, and durability makes this a must-have tool for tracing, tagging and testing installed wires & cables.

If cable identification is the task, the Fluke Pocket Toner NX8 Kit is the answer. With the ability to test up to 8 outlets at once the PTNX8 is the most efficient Tone and Tag tool anywhere. In addition to identifying the correct ID cap at the other end, the new LED display clearly indicates, shorts, opens, AC or DC voltage, continuity and generates an audible tone.

The Pocket Toner NX8 natively supports coaxial cable with F-connectors but with the included array of adapters in this kit, you can tone and tag telephone, LAN, audio, video, security, or virtually any type of wire or cable.

Fluke's Pocket Toner NX8 gives you important information about the test line with its unique 8-segment LED indicator. The 8 include ID tags also feature an LED light to clearly indicate continuity and speed the testing process.

Operation of the tool is simple. Plug the head (sending unit) into a wall plate. When the power switch is turned on, the sending unit applies a mild voltage to the line being tested. If there is a splitter or a short in the line, the LED display on the head of the unit will illuminate an "S" for short. If the other end of the cable is has a 50-75 ohm terminator attached to it, the LED will show a "C" or the corresponding ID Cap number to indicate continuity. Unscrew the toner unit from the bottom of the tool and touch it to the other end of the cable. When the correct cable is found, a loud tone will sound to indicate continuity.

This Pocket Toner NX8 Deluxe kit comes in a compact zipper case and includes 8 ID Caps, adapters for F-Connectors, Alligator clips for bare wires, RJ-11, RJ-45, BNC,RCA connectors and the unique NEW Dial Tone Detective for instant dial tone detection.

  • On/Off switch prevents accidental battery drain
  • Uses 1 standard AAA battery (included) for extra-long life and easy replacement
  • 8-segment colored LED indicates 50-75 ohm termination and cable ID tag
  • Detects shorts and splitters
  • Light-weight anodized aluminum construction
  • Includes an array of adapters to test any type of wire
  • Right-angle head for getting into tight areas
  • Special 3/4 thread F-ports allow for "speed toning"


  • Fluke Pocket Toner NX8, Tone Generator Unit
  • 8 ID Tag Caps with LED
  • RJ-11 Adapter
  • RJ-45 Adapter
  • 66 Block Adapter
  • RJ-45 Adapter with Alligator Clips
  • Dial Tone Detective
  • Female F-Connector Coupler
  • Male F-Connector Coupler
  • Male F-Connector Push-On Adapter
  • Female BNC Adapter
  • Male BNC Adapter
  • Female RCA Adapter
  • Male RCA Adapter
  • Owner's Manual Booklet
  • AAA Battery
  • Zippered Storage Case
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