PocketCAT Coax & RJ45 LAN Network Cable Tester

Pocket Coax / RJ45 LAN Cable Tester
The perfect cable tester for any toolbox, low cost, ruggedized for field use, test results...instantly!

Get instant verification of your CAT5/6 network cables as well as coax cables with the handheld PocketCAT 200 Cable Tester from Byte Brothers. It performs complete TIA568 tests on every wire pair, identifying continuity, opens, shorts, reversals and splits. It's ruggedized for field use (no LCD to break) and the included remote stores in a hidden drawer. Includes CAT6 patch cable, coax terminator, belt clip, 9V battery and zippered pouch.

Affordable, easy-to-use basic Network LAN (RJ-45) and Coax Cable Tester
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