TBM45S Lug Crimper with Dies

TBM45S Lug Crimper
Rotating, embossing crimp head, delivers a wide installing range of #8-#2 copper and #10-#6 aluminum lugs and splices. Also installs up to green color-coded C-taps and MD2 Series motor lead disconnects.

The TBM45S lug crimping tool, has a rotary color-coded die wheel and is equipped with a ratcheting Shure-Stake device (to ensure positive compression).

This Thomas & Betts crimper has a 5-nested die wheel with red, gray, blue brown and green Color-Keyed lug nests. This tool also automatically embosses the corresponding die code onto the crimped connector, thus documenting a proper crimp.

Ergonomically designed handle delivers comfortable crimping which requires 25% less handle force to complete the crimp cycle than the previous generation tool.

The TBM45S Lug Crimper weighs 1.5 lbs and is 10 1/4" long.

Item #: 39202
Weight: 1.5 lbs.
$355.00 qty: