Video Fiber Inspection Scope

Fiber Optic Testing Tools
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The Video Inspection Probe Kit gives you the ability to inspect terminations through a mating or bulkhead adapter that are located inside hardware devices and patch panels.
This system saves you time and adds convenience by eliminating the need to access the backside of patch panels or disassemble hardware devices prior to inspection.

Video Fiber Probe (200x)

This small, lightweight probe measures 4.5” long. It contains a long-life coaxial LED light source,and 1/3” CCD video camera. A small focusing mechanism is conveniently positioned in the probe handle. The probe accepts several connector specific tips. The Probe tip mates with the female bulkhead or mating connector and precenters the image on the display, thus eliminating the need to “find” the image by moving the probe around the connector. The 1.6 oz. probe holds itself in place for hands free operation. In addition to being compatible with standard connectors, our design includes precision optics and lighting which have been optimized for inspecting small form-factor connectors such as 1.25mm (LC) connectors.

Hand-held Display (FBP-HD1)

This ergonomic hand held video monitor presents instant, sharp images equivalent to 250x magnification. The image on the display is pre-centered. The display is equipped with an auto-shutoff feature, low battery alarm, and can be attached or mounted to surfaces for hands-free operation. The system can also be run on AC power while the battery pack is recharging.

Probe Kit includes 200x Video Inspection Probe, Hand-held Display, ST tip, SC tip, FC tip, Universal 2.5mm patch cord tip and hard-sided carrying case.

Inspection Probe Specifications
Optical Magnification: 250x using 2.5" LCD Display
Camera Type: 1/3" CCD
Light Source: Red LED, internal to probe
Lighting Technique: Coaxial
Focus Control: Adjustable, in probe
Weight: 1.6oz

Hand-Held Display Specifications
Display: 2.5" TFT, Active Matrix
(480 x 234 pixels)
Video Out: NTSC, with dedicated connector to probe
Power: Rechargeable, NiMH battery or AC adapter (110, 220 VAC)
Battery Life: 3 hours continuous use
Weight: 16.4oz
Video Fiber Inspection Scope
Item #: 35560
Weight: 5 lbs.
$2,710.00 qty:
LC Probe Tip
Item #: 35562
Weight: 0.6 lbs.
$92.50 qty:
1.25mm Universal Patch Cord Probe Tip
Item #: 35564
Weight: 0.6 lbs.
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