SMLP 5-5 Singlemode and Multimode Test Kit

AFL SML5-5 Singlemode and Multimode Test Kit
The test kit combines the OPM 5-2D optical power meter and OLS 4 integrated LED and LASER light source and is ideally suited for testing fiber optic networks with hybrid (singlemode and multimode) cables.

The OLS 4 features 850nm and 1300nm LED output from a multimode output port and 1310nm and 1550nm LASER output from a single-mode output port. The LED and LASER outputs are stabilized to ensure accurate test results per current TIA/EIA requirements. This light source offers four modes of operation: Dual wavelengths sending ID, single wavelength sending ID, CW, and modulated Tone. Active Output, Tone, Battery and External Power indicators identify the currently enabled operating mode, battery charge status and external power presence. Both output ports are equipped with removable SC (FC or ST available) adapters to allow the output connectors to be inspected and cleaned.

The OPM 5-2D offers Wave ID, automatic wavelength identification and switching, when used with the OLS 4 light source. Multiple test tone detection is provided for fiber identification. The OPM 5-2D stores optical references for each calibrated wavelength. An easy to read Dual Wavelength LCD display with backlight shows measured power [dBm or µW] or insertion loss [dB], calibrated wavelengths, tone signal [Hz], wavelength ID, and the battery charge status.

The OPM5-2D File Management system allows technicians to organize test results into multiple files and transfer stored results via USB to a PC for analyzing, generating reports, and printing. The supplied powerful PC Analysis and Reporting Tool (TRM - Test Results Management software) allows users to apply industry standards based rules to test results and create comprehensive certification reports. Users can generate network Pass/Fail results demonstrating compliance to industry standards and illustrate headroom. TRM is a Windows® compatible software. The SMLP5-5 test kit is fully N.I.S.T. traceable.

Includes one OLS 4 optical light source, one OPM5-2D optical power meter, AA batteries, protective rubber boots, adapter cap, USB cable, PC reporting tool - TRM (Windows compatible), 50 and 62.5 µm mandrels, user's guide and carry case.

Additional items may be needed, such as patch cords, couplings and adapter caps (depending upon the type of testing).

Additional Accessories: Click here for more Noyes adapter caps and click here for fiber optic patch cords and reference cables. We also have a handy bulkhead adapter/coupler kit shown here.

  • Certify multimode and singlemode links per TIA/EIA standards
  • Multimode loss testing at 850 and 1300nm
  • Singlemode loss testing at 1310 and 1550nm
  • Certify 50 or 62.5um multimode fiber links for 850 or 1300nm applications including Gigabit Ethernet (GBE)
  • Includes 50 and 62.5Ám mandrels
  • Power meter stores 500 test results per wavelength
  • Battery operated and designed for field use
  • N.I.S.T traceable
SMLP 5-5 Specifications
Mode Singlemode/Multimode
Power Meter OPM 5-2D
Light Sorce OLS 4
Loss Measurement 850, 1300, 1310, 1550nm
Dynamic Range +6 to -60
Output Power >-20 dBm
Connector Style SC (FC or ST available)
Measurement Range (dBm) +6 to -60
Tone Detect Range (dBm) +6 to -50, +6 to -45 for 850nm
Wavelength ID Range (dBm) +6 to -50, +6 to -45 for 850nm
Accuracy (dB) ▒ 0.25
Resolution (dB) 0.01
Measurement Units dB, dBm, uW

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