Wi-Net Window Network Wireless Analyzer

Wi-Net Window Network Wireless Analyzer

Test-Um’s first entry into the new world of wireless and it’s a beauty!! The Wi-Net Window tool will help installers and owners of wireless networks identify, clarify, and configure all the wireless transmission equipment on a site.

It will help prevent conflicts of internet access over wireless points and give a clear picture of the range and availability of each wireless access point. No other product in this class offers more information so clearly and easily displayed.

The WP150 Wi-Net Window Network Wireless Analyzer shows a wide range of critically important information connected with wireless equipment regarding their identity, functionality, and capability. A full Alpha/Numeric LCD display shows all the information in a concise and clear manner for ease of use. Easy to use navigation buttons and screen prompts makes the Wi-Net Window simple to use in any application. The lightweight, handheld unit identifies wireless signal characteristics for proper configuration and installation.

Wi-Net Window, WP150, works on 4 alkaline or rechargeable batteries (not provided).

  • Signal strength shown as both a percentage on the LCD and a light bar up to 100%
  • Identifies and communicates with IEEE 802.11 wireless access points types b and g
  • Lists and logs all received wireless transmissions in the area for review with constant scanning
  • Displays encryption condition on each wireless component
  • Lists signal as either an access point or an ad-hoc or Twin network type
  • Ping function accesses IP addresses and determines an internet link condition
  • Negotiates with network DHCP for component identification and IP/MAC addresses
Item #: 43350
Weight: 2 lbs.
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