LANMaster 35 Power & Link Tester

LANMaster 35 PoE Tester & Link Tester

The LanMaster 35 from Psiber combines powerful PoE Test capabilities with a 1-Gig Ethernet Link Tester Identifier in a cost effective handheld tester.

The LanMaster 35 Power and Link Tester conducts power tests with actual loads to ensure that when a powered device such as a VoIP phone, wireless access point or security camera is connected to the network it will operate properly.

The LanMaster 35 also tests 10/100/1000 BaseTX Links detecting the speed and duplex mode for each link. The unit identifies the power configuration as End-span, Mid-span or All-span and the type of power as IEEE 802.3af, Cisco Pre-Standard or Non-Standard. A Link resistance measurement feature helps to identify cabling problems. In addition, the tester includes Tone Generation for cable tracing, TDR length measurement, and Port Identification to provide a complete suite of LAN test functions.

Includes LanMaster 35 Power and Link Tester, carrying case, "AA" batteries (four) and user guide.

  • Tests network cable pairs for Power over Ethernet (PoE)
  • Identifies the power type as IEEE 802.3af, Cisco Inline or Non-Standard
  • Makes power measurements with loads simulating actual powered devices
  • Identifies damaged cables and bad punchdowns by measuring Link Resistance
  • Detects 10/100/1000 BaseTX Link speed and duplex mode
  • Displays voltage and polarity for wire pairs and power configuration as End-span, Mid-span or All-span
  • Measures cable length and open or short conditions
  • Provides Port ID function (link light activation) for identifying connected ports
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