RhinoPRO 3000 Label Maker

RhinoPRO 3000 AV Label Maker

Finally, a professional label maker designed specifically for Audio/Video Installers, Home Automation, Security and VDV Applications.

The RhinoPRO 3000 is the first label printer developed exclusively for home automation, Voice/Data/Video (VDV) and other residential and light commercial applications. Affordable and easy-to-use, the RhinoPRO 3000 labeler packs features specifically tailored for the residential installer.

Requires 6 "AA" Batteries (Not Included), Need batteries? Click here to order.

RhinoPRO Labels

Portable labelers are only as good as the labels on which they print. That's why DYMO designed a series of labels for a multitude of applications on a wide variety of surfaces. Designed to work with the DYMO RhinoPRO series of portable label printers, these labels will stick and stay stuck.

  • Permanent adhesive results in labels that stick and last in heavy duty environments.
  • Thermal transfer print technology is durable, smear-proof, and resists chemicals, solvents, grease, heat, moisture and other harsh elements.
  • Flexible nylon tape is specifically designed for wire and cable marking and has time-saving easy-to-peel split backing.
  • Permanent polyester labels work great on a variety of flat, textured or highly textured surfaces for general labeling.
  • Exclusive “Hot Keys” for easy one touch labeling
  • Flagging for wires and cables
  • Vertical and Horizontal Wraps for wires and cables
  • Fixed length for various locations including, security panels, face plates and more
  • Panel Mode for telephone and data distribution panels
  • Powerful text “hot keys” feature over 150 preset Audio/Video Terms
  • to significantly reduce labeling time
  • Extra large display and oversized keys provide a simple user interface
  • Prints on 3/8" and 1/2" RhinoPRO labels
  • Also prints on 1/4", 3/8" and 1/2" RhinoPRO Heat Shrink Tubing
  • RhinoPRO 3000 label printer
  • Impact resistant bumper
  • One 1/2" white flexible nylon label cassette
RhinoPRO AC Adapter

Dead batteries? No problem, with the Rhino Pro AC adapter you'll be running again in no time!

Item #: 23374
Weight: 2 lbs.
$30.60 qty:
RhinoPRO Label Cartridge, Heat Shrink Tubing
Description: Print directly onto 1/2" Heat Shrink Tubing with this unique RhinoPRO label cartridge.

Material: Heat Shrink Tubing for Wire & Cable Marking
Size: 1/2" diameter x 5 Ft long, shrinks to fit 1/4" Diameter cable
Color: Black print on Yellow Heat Shrink Tubing
Item #: 23390
Weight: 0.2 lbs.

$45.25 qty: