Creep-Zit Fiberglass Glow Rod Kit

Creep-Zit Fiberglass Glow Rod Kit
The 30 foot Creep-Zit Glow Rod Kit makes conventional fish tapes obsolete and will not snag on insulation.

Creep-Zit Glow Rod Kit consists of: five 6 ft. green fiberglass rods (.159" diameter), four with male/female screw-on connectors, one female end and a bullet shaped head with cross hole (bullnose) at the other to attach the wire, a one foot ballchain attached to the bullnose enables you to grab it easily when inside a wall and an "eggbeater" shaped head (wisp) can be used as a guide to allow the creep-zit to easily move around and over obstacles.

Ships at 30 lbs. due to oversize.

Item #: 43136
Dimensions: 78x4x4
Weight: 4 lbs.
$96.50 qty:
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