Miller ACS Armored Cable Sheath Slitter

Armored Cable Sheath Slitter
Professional grade tool, ideal for slitting the outer jacket sheath and armor layer on the fiber feeder, central tube and stranded loose tube fiber optic cable all in one operation.

Miller ACS Armored Fiber Optic Cable Sheath Slitter features adjustable blade rotates 90-degrees for mid-span preparation and the adjustable blade depths accommodate 0.315"-1.125" (8mm-28.5mm) outside diameter cable and different coverings.

Replacement Blade is available separately.

Brand: Miller
Miller ACS Armored Cable Sheath Slitter
Item #: 42195
Weight: 1 lbs.
$180.00 qty:
ACS Armored Cable Slitter Replacement Blade
Item #: 42196
Weight: 0.5 lbs.
$55.75 qty:
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